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Our commitment to sustainable AND RESPONSIBLE developmenT



According to the World Tourism Organisation, tourist activity will concern 20% of the world population by 2020. The movement and activity involved generates particular pressure on the environment. Here is the LeCoq-Gadby commitment :





As responsible performers in the field of tourism we aim to make your stay as comfortable as possible, while at the same time limiting its ecological impact. Thus, by choosing our Eco-label hotel, you are making the dual choice of comfort and eco-responsibility.





LeCoq-Gadby, with over a century of experience, is committed to making a contribution towards the preservation of natural resources and promoting the regional heritage, in order to allow future generations to benefit from the touristic and cultural attractions of our beautiful region.





In addition, we make a point of working with local producers and suppliers who are themselves committed to sustainable development. We also support local cultural events as much as possible through sponsorship and by creating events ourselves (Festival Les Coquecigrues).





For any decision or any investment that we make, the environmental consequences are always taken into account and a sustainable development approach is followed.

This is why in 2005 in spite of urban planning restrictions, the hotel was extended in line with the 14 point High Environmental Quality approach to create an eco-friendly hotel complex.

Furthermore, LeCoq-Gadby has put into place an environmental management system to reduce water and energy consumption and improve waste management.






 In 2011, we undertook to put in place a plan of action for the future.


‣ First of all this involves simple everyday gestures by our staff and also our guests, many of whom are already eco-sensitive.

‣ And, for the gastronomic restaurant, by the systematic use of local produce, seasonal and, wherever possible, organic produce.

‣ In addition, we are constantly working to further reduce our water consumption and add value to our green waste.

‣ We aim to make our guests, suppliers and staff more ecologically aware, in particular through the game « Jeu du Coq Ethik » which is given to everyone and explains the hotel’s approach.

‣ We are also actively participating in a pilot scheme to evaluate the hotel’s carbon footprint and that of our guests.



Our plan of action strongly emphasises our desire to protect the environment and to promote our local heritage. We invite you to join us in our approach through our Coq Ethik game or our ABC. 


Thank you in advance for taking the time to fill in the green questionnaire which you will find with the feedback sheet. Your opinion is invaluable to us.


Thank you once again for choosing to stay at LeCoq-Gadby. We wish you a very pleasant stay in Rennes and in Brittany.  



Véronique Brégeon on behalf of the Management 


Le Développement Durable dans les faits...

L'éco hôtel LeCoq-Gadby dans la pratique
LeCoq-Gadby, un écolodge en ville



Le Jeu LeCoq Ethik


Conçu pour éduquer aux problématiques du développement durable dans l'hôtellerie, LeCoq Ethik amusera les petits et les grands ! 


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